A local celebrity wedding planner turned Auvem client

“It was a pleasure working with Amy Nichols,” says Angelina Wong, the Creative Director here at Auvem. “This celebrity wedding planner just so happened to live in my hometown San Francisco, and it was so easy for both of us to communicate our vision for her brand.” At the time, Amy already had a website ( but sought a more mobile-friendly design. Angelina created mockups using the beautiful wedding photographs that Amy provided, and together they bridged Amy’s vision to her clients through design.

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How we revamped our first client’s website

“I was overjoyed when Yongli Game came to me,” says Angelina Wong, the Creative Director at our agency. “My brother and I had founded the agency just a few days before, and we were excited to begin work.” A few conference calls later and Angelina knew the basics of the company. Yongli Game was a board game and playing card manufacturer located in Zhejiang, China. “The client came to me because she’d found out that I could speak both English and Mandarin,” Angelina continues. “She was looking for someone with whom she could easily communicate her company’s vision.” At the time, Yongli Game already had a website, but was not happy with the design. This

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